Tips For Keeping Your Car in Good Working Condition

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Normally, the internal wheel ceiling scratch causes loss of the air in them and to lessen this natural loss, what we can do is to frequently get our car air pressure tested. And if it does not suit, you can choose nitrogen charging, which will help in maintaining the pressure for a long period because of its greater particles than common air.


It’s another main thing for effective running of car wheels. A poor balance of the wheels causes uneven wear, thereby decreasing the efficiency of dynamics and handling quality of the car. For this part to keep working efficiently, you must get balance check in every 5 months as this will guarantee a vibrating free ride.


It is the misalignment of the tyres that is accountable for outrageously increasing road accidents in the country. The long persistent misalignment of wheels causes quick and early tear and wear of tyres and this bring about to ill-handling of cars. To keep a check on this issue, you must get it tested and repaired. This becomes all the more crucial, when your car comes back from riding on potholes and troughs of highway roads.

Tyre Wear and Depth

This is another common thing that will come to tyres. And to measure the same, each manufacturer marks them with the ‘tread wear indicator, which is usually positioned at the side wall and points outward. Whenever the tread depth reaches the arrow head, it shows that it’s the time to change car tyres.

Contact Patch

It’s the external layer of the tyre that remains in touch with the road. It does the work of handling and control of the car through the reaction taken from the steering. Together with the shift of steering response to the road, it does other tasks that contain giving traction, sprinkling water and carrying the burden of the car. Thus the choosing process is quite essential step and a car owner should go for the ones that will serve his car best.

Service Life

As tubeless tyres carry rubber as key component, they get small cracks over the period due to their long duration parking under sun. And these tyre defaults can take you to some random surprises on high speed driving. ThoughArticle Submission, it comes with a preset service life but it is not essential that a it would remain in its good condition even after covering small distances.

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