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Pimp Your Ride

Decals & Stripes

  • Pimp up your car’s appearance with our exclusive range of decals and stripes.
  • Choices range from sleek arrows to funky tribal designs and colours to blow you away.
  • Computer cut for accuracy and detail with a professional finish.


Wraps & Designs

  • Want to change the look of your car or cover up nasty paintwork? Why not wrap it?
  • A timely and cost effective alternative to spray painting.
  • Easy to remove and will not damage paintwork beneath.
  • Wide variety of colours and textures, solid matte, brushed metal, carbon fibres and chrome finishes.
  • Bonnet, roof and boot cover. Custom fit to look like factory fresh paint.
  • Or, if you have a design of your own, lets discuss and get it on.


Protect Your Ride

Solar Safety Films

  • For a comfortable ride, reduce the heat and glare in your vehicle by having your windows tinted.
  • Reduce the glare by 80%, cut the heat by 60% and save your skin with a 99% UV protection.
  • Privacy from unwanted attention and safety measure in case of breakage; will hold glass together.
  • Stylish colours or clear finish available.


Surface Protection Film

  • Protect the paintwork on your car with Paint Protection Film.
  • This clear tough urethane film is invisible to the eye and will stop damage from stone chips, scratches, scuffing and bird and bat droppings – even shopping trolley run-ins at the supermarket carpark.
  • Customised computer cut patterns to protect the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle’s paintwork.


Surface Protection Coatings

  • Ceramic Pro Paint Protection forms a permanent adhesion to your car’s paintwork giving a superior shine that is remarkably easy to maintain.
  • Industry’s ultimate protective coating system, sold and proven throughout the world.
  • Range includes protection for paint, glass, alloy and interior surfaces.


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