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Top End NT – croc country – but it could just as well be bat country, given the thriving numbers of bats (flying foxes) that reside here and own the skies every evening.

Some bat facts:

  • they have very large wingspans up to 1.6 metres
  • they can fly around 40 kilometres per hour and up to 50 kilometre each night they have average wing beats of 120 per minute
  • they have a complex social system and spend their day in permanent tree‐top communal camps
  • they are very clean animals and constantly groom their fur and wing membrane
  • they have more than 20 different calls for communication
  • they have old males guarding the boundaries of the camp keeping a look out for predators such as eagles and pythons

And we can add to this their unerring ability to target clothes or clean sheets left hanging on the washing line, or the roofs and bonnets of vehicles left in the driveway or parked on the street. If it makes you feel better, its not actually poo but masticated fruit and seeds that they spit out.

Either way, we all know the stains are virtually impossible to remove, and the corrosive damage to your vehicle’s paintwork is permanent and very costly to repair.

So, if your car does happen to spend most nights outside without the benefit of garage parking, you might want to consider investing in a layer of PPF – paint protection film.

It’s virtually invisible to the naked eye but will provide a protective barrier for your car’s paintwork.

At least you’ll be assured of a good night’s sleep, without panicking each time you hear the familiar thump of their wings as they fly by. Unless of course, you’ve left the washing on the line.